For climbers of all levels, we organize climbing cruises with the assistance of a high mountain guide and an experienced professional instructor. He will coach you, give you valuable advice on how to progress, possibly help you improve your skills – or simply be your climbing buddy. He will do his best to answer all your questions.

Whether you are a beginner, a regular or advanced climber – you will find tons of pleasure and challenges during this cruise. Always in a friendly and positive atmosphere. Smiles and fun are part of the trip.

Basically, our cruises last one week, from one Saturday to the next.


Climbers should bring

  • their climbing shoes
  • their belay equipment
  • 6 quick draws
  • preferably their helmets.

We provide the ropes and gloves.

NEXT CRUISES (click on one of the dates below to make a booking):

MAY 22-29, 2021 / JUNE 12-19, 2021 / SEPTEMBER 11-18, 2021 / LOCATION: Croatia / PRICE: € 1900*

(Sorry, the non profit payment site is only in French, but you’ll manage. Just book the cabin you fancy and continue. “Étape suivante” means “Next step”. On the 4th and last page (Récapitulatif), check all 3 boxes, then click “Modify” and check the unique box, which says: “I don’t want to make a contribution to HelloAsso”. We’re always glad to help, in case you are unsure about how to proceed.)

*€ 2450 for a single person in a double cabin