Flat sailing

Here is the concept of our cruises: we take care of renting the appropriate catamaran, we bring our navigational skills, we hire a professional photographer or a climbing instructor – depending on the theme of the cruise – with whom we plan the cruise and its locations. Your financial contribution covers the costs. For the sake of interaction and friendliness, we usually prepare the meals together. It is an important part of the concept. Sometimes we enjoy a restaurant, depending on everyone’s desires.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to share a unique moment.

We have a thorough experience of several cruises, often with strangers. Each one was an extraordinary experience for each and everyone of us, an outstanding adventure, exceptional, leaving lasting memories to all. We have always been delighted to have complete strangers on board, people we did not know and who did not know each other. Every person’s qualities and diversity invariably contributed to making the cruise a successful adventure. In theory, such cohesion is always “possible”, but to experience it in reality remains a surprise. It also motivates us to start all over again.

Together with the photographer or climbing instructor we really are a team, always at your disposal. You may want to learn the basics of navigation, if you’re interested, or just chill out during your free time, swim, snorkel, read, listen or play music, sing, tell stories, teach us something, or enlighten us on a subject you know particularly well. We’re all ears…

Our cruises are for open-minded and friendly adventurers who seek to get off the beaten tracks and discover new places, away from the crowds.

We speak English, French, (Swiss-)German, Spanish and Italian.