Our climbing instructor: a safe bet and a long-time friend

Our climbing partner is a high mountain guide in Chamonix. He was among the bouldering pioneers at the “Pierre d’Ortaz” site. A high-level climber, he was also a sports teacher and has extensive experience in coaching groups. Furthermore, he is the co-founder of “Les Editions Vamos”, a small publishing company for climbing, hiking and off-piste skiing guides. He is the author of Thailand Rock Climbing*; Rock Climbing in Spain; Mont-Blanc – Easy Ascents and Glacier Hikes; Easy Ascents in the Mont-Blanc Range; Crag Climbs in Chamonix; Chamonix Off piste; Guide to Chamonix Climbing Schools.

A teacher emeritus, he knows how to inspire and help develop your confidence in your skills – and he is also just a great climbing partner. We are happy and proud for him to join our project.

* unofficially subtitled “Wok n’Wall” 😉