Our cruises are for open-minded and friendly adventurers who seek to get off the beaten tracks and discover new places, away from the crowds.

We offer several possibilities for cabin occupancy:

  • you come with a friend or acquaintance and share a double cabin with him/her
  • you agree to share a cabin with a stranger. We’ll do our best to ensure nobody is embarrassed.
  • you prefer to have your double cabin to yourself. It’s possible at an up-price.
  • you choose one of the two single cabins in the tips.

Unless we choose a larger catamaran, the group is usually composed of 7 adventurers + 1 photographer or climbing instructor + 2 skippers.

Basically, our cruises last one week. We can also organize one specially tailored to your needs. During the week you may want to learn the basics of navigation, or just relax during your free time, swim, snorkel, read, listen or play music, sing, tell stories, teach us something, or enlighten us on a subject you know particularly well.

Security first

Everyone’s safety is obviously our main concern. This requires us to consider a number of parameters. For this reason, the program of a particular week could be adjusted according to weather conditions. Sometimes we have to change our route because of the sea, the wind, the bad weather, etc. If this is the case, we will inform you asap and come up with an alternative.


An accident/medicare/repatriation insurance is mandatory for the duration of the cruise. Such coverage is sometimes guaranteed by your credit card. Please check. It can also be purchased together with the flight ticket.

The health issue

We trust everyone to cancel or postpone his or her cruise if they know they have been contaminated by a contagious illness. This means that, on board, there are basically only people in good health. We live close to each other, that’s a fact, but we can reasonably assume that we are all healthy. If a contamination were to occur, it would be easily traceable, a key element in preventing its spread. In addition, we have hand sanitizer and even masks on board, if some wish to use the latter at certain times.

If you have questions or feel unsure about the health issue, please contact us. We will discuss the matter openly, and in depth.

The price of the cruise includes:

  • your accommodation during the cruise
  • transportation from the airport to the boat and back

The price of the cruise does not include:

  • the flight to its departure town
  • accident/medicare/repatriation insurance
  • your participation in the board cash for the purchase of food and beverages. It may need readjustment during the week, but is usually around € 150 for a week
  • meals and refreshments taken on land

Cancellation policy (to come).