For now, we often cruise in Croatia, a most appealing country on the Adriatic. It is easy to access and not too remote (flight hours do count…). Its numerous more or less small islands and cities are each one more charming than the previous. Nature is powerful and there are many interesting photographic subjects. Climbers will discover several well equipped walls with challenges for each level – plus a few spots for Deep Soloing.

Croatia is especially attractive off-season, both in spring and in autumn. In the absence of tourist crowds, the locals are relaxed and friendly.

Further destinations will be explored from next spring, including Greece.

We can gladly arrange a tailor made cruise for you, according to your wishes (duration, location): detox, chill out, de-stress, local gastronomy, etc, in the region of your choice: Mediterranean, Corsica, Brittany, Spain, Portugal, the Carribbean, etc.

Feel free to ask.