Who we are

We are two longtime friends and experienced skippers who have been sailing together for many years. Currently, we prefer live aboard catamarans of 40 feet (12m) and more. We fancy these multihulls as the fantastic, versatile, comfortable and safe “mobile water platforms” they really are. Much more stable than monohulls, they also offer significantly more space: at least 4 separate double cabins + 2 bathrooms/showers/WC + 2 single cabins in the tips, not to mention the living space (cockpit, trampoline or a rigid front cockpit, depending on the model). Another important point: if you are new to sailing, you will be significantly less prone to seasickness on a catamaran than on a traditional sailboat. The catamaran does not “tilt” (or only very little). It can pitch, depending on the state of the sea (front/rear tipping), but suffers only little roll. Those who have been navigating with us will confirm: if they were sick, it was at the very beginning, and only for a short time. Navigation is exceptionally comfortable on a catamaran.

It is a hotel on the sea. You travel with your hotel, instead of changing hotel every night. Furthermore, to discover a country or an island from its surrounding waters inspires unusual impressions. Well hidden, inaccessible places are revealed to the traveller’s eyes.

Here is the concept of our cruises: we take care of renting the appropriate catamaran, we bring our navigational skill, we hire a professional photographer or a climbing instructor – depending on the theme of the cruise – with whom we plan the cruise and its locations. Your financial contribution covers the costs. For the sake of interaction and friendliness we usually prepare the meals together. Sometimes we enjoy a restaurant, depending on everyone’s desires.

We speak English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.